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May 10, 2023

Traveling with your Baby on a Private Jet

More than anyone else, your baby deserves VIP treatment. With the options of private jet hire available to you, it makes sense to spare your little one of long queues and check points that go on and on at commercial airline terminal by having a dedicated private jet terminal where you sit and relax in the lounge while a representative is there to handle your immigration process on your behalf and make sure everything is going promptly.

When you charter a private jet, you get to decide your flight timings without having to disturb your baby’s sleep cycle . For more comfort, strollers and child car seats are allowed on board. Car seats can be strapped to rear-facing chairs so babies can sleep as usual. If you choose not to use them, the standard industry protocol is for babies under 2 years to sit on an adult’s lap.

You may bring your baby’s milk and food supply. Or, notify us ahead so we can pre-arrange your baby’s meal requirements and spare you of the preparations.

Just like with all passengers, your baby’s passport must be presented before boarding.

Our team of professionals can assist you 24/7 by contacting us on +97148879542 or charter@flygjc.com

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