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Nov 27, 2020

It’s time you fly the safest

While air travel continues to reel under the crippling effect of the covid19 crisis, aviation industry’s private charter sector is taking off to greater heights. Global Jet Centre attests to this unprecedented spike in demand for private jets. This is because flying privately boasts of more safety benefits over flying commercially from beginning to end of the journey.Private aircraft use executive terminals called fixed base operators (FBO) which are much less congested than their commercial counterparts. Passengers have no custom queues to deal with in these terminals, and can possibly use a representative to deal with customs on their behalf. There are private rooms in some terminals where passengers can wait, further reducing touchpoints on the ground. In addition, some terminals even allow vehicles to drive up to the aircraft making passengers skip entering the terminal altogether.Onboard, passengers can rest assure that their private jets are properly sanitized and disinfected under stringent covid-compliant health and safety protocols. Additional checks and safety audits ensure that aircraft are completely sterile before onboarding. All crew undergo periodic health checks and covid tests. Reduced interactions between passengers and crew are observed for safety measures.In this covid-stricken world where the need to feel safe is paramount,  hiring a private jet offers peace of mind for many travelers. While experts still scramble to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, chartering private jets makes business, leisure and emergency travels safe and convenient despite the challenges.

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