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Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is a Saudi Arabian port city on the Red Sea. The city of Jeddah is one of the top travel destinations in Asia and one of the foremost reasons for this is that it is the gateway to Islamic holy cities like Mecca and Medina. It is also a modern commercial hub.

The city of Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia and is considered a resort city. This top travel destination in Asia is home to a vast number of art galleries, beautiful landmarks, many significant museums and several historical attractions. Notable among these historical attractions is its floating museum.

Charter your private jet to Jeddah to visit the below touristic locations:

  • Al Rahma Mosque
  • Kingdom Tower
  • Red Sea Mall
  • King Fahd’s Fountain
  • Jeddah Museum
  • Jeddah Water Front
  • Red Sea Beach

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