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Dushanbe is the capital and largest city of Tajikistan. On the east bank of the river is Rudaki Park, named for the classical poet. A statue of him stands under an ornate mosaic arch. Nearby is a massive Tajik flag, flying from a towering flagpole. The ancient Tajik warrior Ismoili Somoni is commemorated with a statue and gilded arch. Archaeological finds are displayed at the National Museum of Tajikistan.

The city makes up 20% of Tajikistan’s GDP and has large industrial, financial, retail, and tourism sectors. Parks and main sights of the city include Victory Park, Rudaki Park, the Tajikistan National Museum, the Dushanbe Flagpole, and the Tajikistan National Museum of Antiquities

Dushanbe is a city of reinvention. Normally large urban areas evolve organically, changing slowly with broad trends and a shifting population. But the history of Dushanbe is punctuated with dramatic changes that have fundamentally altered the character of Tajikistan’s largest city.

Charter your private jet to Dushanbe to visit the below touristic locations:

  • Komsomol lake and park
  • Nowruz palace
  • National museum
  • Dushanbe’s flag pole
  • Wall of great tajik writers
  • Rudaki park
  • National library
  • Ismail somoni statue
  • Rudaki avenue
  • Museum of antiquities
  • Ayni opera & ballet theatre
  • Hoji yoqub mosque
  • Botanical gardens
  • Victory park
  • Soviet mosaics
  • Mehrgon & korvon bazaar
  • Hisor fort
  • Varzob
  • Nurek reservoir
  • Iskanderkul lake & sarytag

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