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The city of Belgrade is one of the top travel destinations in Europe. This beautiful travel destination tops the list, being one of the best places to visit in Europe – if there was a list. Belgrade’s beauty is incomparable.

This lovely destination is the capital of the south eastern European country of Serbia. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is a destination full of culture and history. It is also one of those few places that has succeeded in converting its past into gold. This lovely city boasts several museums that shows of its glorious past and notable among these museums is the Kalemegdan. The kalemegdan is one of the most important historic monuments in Belgrade and is visited by over two million people yearly.

Charter your private jet to Belgrade to visit the below touristic locations:

  • Belgrade Fortress
  • Skadarlija
  • Church of St Sava
  • Ada Ciganlija
  • Knez Mihailova Street
  • Gardoš Tower
  • Nikola Tesla Museum
  • St Mark’s Church
  • Republic Square
  • Zemunski Kej
  • Residence of Princess Ljubica
  • Avala Tower
  • Belgrade Military Museum
  • Museum of Yugoslav History
  • National Theatre
  • Museum of Aviation
  • St Michael’s Cathedral
  • Stari Dvor and Novi Dvor
  • House of the National Assembly of Serbia
  • White Palace
  • Rajko Mitić Stadium (Marakana)
  • Historical Museum of Serbia
  • Ružica Church
  • Zeleni Venac
  • Splavovi

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