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Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan. It’s known for its white marble buildings and grandiose national monuments. To the northwest, the sprawling Ruhy Mosque has a vast gilt dome. The central Artogrul Gazi Mosque is modeled on Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. Examples of traditional weaving are displayed at Turkmen Carpet Museum. The Wedding Palace is a series of star-shaped tiers topped by a giant golden globe.

The city is famous for its flashy and expensive architecture, holding the world record for the highest density of white marble buildings, with more than 500 in total.

Ashgabat is located on the foothills of the Korpet Dag mountains, and the northern part of the city borders to the Karakum Desert. Ashgabat is known as a white and gold city, due to its new post-Soviet architectural buildings. The city even holds a Guinness record for the highest density of white marble-clad buildings in the world. At the time of the record in 2013, it had 543 buildings clad with white marble. The city also holds the record for the greatest number of fountain pools in a public space.

Charter your private jet to Ashgabat to visit the below touristic locations:

  • Ashgabat National Museum of History
  • Parthian Settlement of Nisa
  • Independence Monument
  • Monument Arch of Neutrality
  • Ertugrul Gazi Mosque
  • Turkmen Carpet Museum
  • Geokdepe
  • Hezreti Osman Mosque
  • Turkmen Museum of Fine Arts
  • Tolkuchka-Basar
  • Ashgabat hippodrome
  • World of Turkmenbashi Tales
  • Gypjak Mosque
  • Seyit Jemaletdin Mosque Ashgabat
  • Russian Orthodox Church Ashgabat

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