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Saudi Arabia

AlUla is one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula. This is also one of the reasons why it is considered one of the top travel destinations in Asia. AlUla is a place where history happened and the fact that this historically significant place has been preserved to a T is a marvel to the modern world.

AlUla is located in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the top travel destinations in Asia that boasts significant historical and archeological sites. The city displays the beauty of civilizations long past in its various museums. The beautiful Jebel Al FIL is the perfect place to fall in love with its iconic sunset on display. For those looking for a bit more adventure and action, AlUla’s various desert adventure sports is something one must experience at least once in a lifetime.

Charter your private jet to AlUla to visit the below touristic locations:

  • Hegra Heritage Site – The tombs in Nabataean architecture
  • Dadan Historical Site – The capital of Dadan kingdom
  • Jabal Al-Fil – Famously known as the Elephant Rock
  • Jabal Khuraibah – The Tomb of the Lion
  • Al Ula Heritage Village – With an old mosque and a fort
  • Al Ula Old Town – Ancient houses and shops
  • Hejaz Railway Station – The living museum of Hejaz railway
  • Al Ula viewpoint – View of Red Mountains

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